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Professional DVD Duplication and DVD Replication Services

S & J CD Duplication, Inc. provides you with premium DVD replication and DVD duplicating services that meet or exceed your expectations. Our expert staff will work with you to find the perfect DVD replication / DVD duplication solutions and learn how to provide you with your ideal finished product.

The DVD replication service begins with single speed glass mastering. This allows us to make a set of precise, high-tech metal stampers that are used to create superior DVD replication products. Leading DVDR technology is used for DVD duplicating at S & J CD Duplication, Inc. an ideal solution for those who need small, fast-turn quantities. Video or data is burned onto high quality DVDRs. We do not use generic blanks. Regardless of whether you have a small DVD duplication order or a large volume DVD replication project, you can expect nothing but the very best video and data possible.

DVD Replication, DVD Manufacturing services

DVD Replication
( 500 or more, pressed DVDs )

DVDs in Amaray Cases

DVDs in Amaray Cases

DVD Duplication services

DVD Duplication
( 250 or less, DVDR products)

DVDs in Digipaks

DVDs in Digipaks

DVDs in Jewel Cases

DVDs in Jewel Cases

DVDs in Cardboard Wallets and Sleeves

DVDs in Cardboard Sleeves
& Wallets

Bulk DVD Replication and Manufacturing

Bulk Replicated DVDs


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