S & J CD Duplication, Inc. Customer Testimonials

Just received our short run project for Will B Good.
Just wanted to say that it looks fantastic!! No issues at all AND Brandon went above and beyond helping me with some artwork issues (on my end) ESPECIALLY since I was on vacation and I did not have access to the files.

Just wanted to send a note to you guys with our deepest thanks.
Fantastic job....per the usual.

Jason E. Parks & Steve Ashum
Product Recording Co.

Well, Jeff (and Paul) -- imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon, when I get to the UPS Store -- and a BIG BOX from S&J is waiting there for me!

First of all -- THANK YOU for the INCREDIBLY FAST delivery! And also -- PERFECTLY PACKED

But THEN -- I open the big box -- and THERE THEY ARE -- 100 (and a few more) BEAUTIFULLY CREATED Digipak CDs! ALL SHRINK-WRAPPED and SHINY and GORGEOUS! It's like ELVES took the time to make each CD ONE by ONE!

WHAT A JOB you guys did for me -- I DON'T KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU -- I'm the PROUDEST Country songwriter in the WORLD -- and I now have my EXQUISITE PASSPORTS to make my entrance into Nashville BIG-TIME! WOW! WOW!! WOW!


I am BESIDE MYSELF -- I am SO THRILLED that I chose S&J for my Digipak CD project .

And to Jeff and Paul and EVERYONE at the company --- I SAY THANK YOU --- THANK YOU -- THANK YOU -- for the care, professionalism and personalized attention on this project!

I will CERTAINLY be back to work with you all in the near-future!

All my best to Jeff, Paul -- and ALL the GREAT FOLKS at S&J

Larry Lange

If I ever run my own business I want to do customer service like these guys. They do what they say they're going to do, do it on time and on budget, contact you if they have questions, throw in unexpected bells and whistles for free, and, in general, treat you like you're something special.

I had an unexpected early CD sales opportunity come up and I emailed Jeff about it. He worked hard to accommodate my new timeline and sent a special early shipment. I couldn't believe he would do that for an Internet customer that he will probably never meet in person.

Thanks again.

Kevin Wilkinson
Alliance United Methodist

Hey guys,

We just received a call from our client (Workhorse Kings) and they are beyond pleased. Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and patience with me and for doing what you had to do to get us the product. We have a few more projects getting ready to wrap, so you will be seeing them coming throughout the next few months.

Thanks again.

Your loyal customer,
Jason Parks & Steve Ashum
Product Recording Co.

PS...Do you have a high res logo you can send us? I would like to get it on our websites as our "official cd duper guys"?

To the S&J Staff,

S & J CD has duplicated or replicated all 10 of my CD's. I have consistently been pleased with their competitive pricing, quality of their work and friendly customer service. I really enjoy dealing with "real people who care" at a local business. I can't say enough good things about my friends at S & J CD.

"Mrs. Kate" Carpenter,
folksinger, songwriter & storyteller Callahan, FL


I just wanted to let you know I got the CD's in the mail late last week and I have to tell you, this was the most painless project I have ever released. I have been recording and writing my own music for around 14 years. I have used a few different companies and heard all the hoopla about how discmakers is the best and "you get what you pay for". Well I have to say, I have gotten way more than I paid for. I got some of the best customer service in this industry and amazing quality discs with packaging that outshines some major label releases. The printing on the disc itself is so beautiful and clean, as well as the printing. I even check out the inner ring underside of the disc to see you have placed the artist name on it and not just some random release numbers. You guys are the most professional and had the best deal in town, $995 for 1,000 full color 4 panel cardboard sleeves and FULL COLOR ON THE DISC!!!! That is just amazing! Not only did you take the time with my release, you turned it around in about 14 days and even commented on my CD sampler on facebook and said how good the music was. You don't EVER see that. If someone wants the full experience, they need to use S&J. Trust me, I know, I've seen the rest. You now have a customer for life!

B-CIDE http://www.bcide.com

Jeff, I got the Cds yesterday... What a wonderful job you guys have done!!! The quality of both the replication and the the printed material is just what we needed. We had a party to celebrate yesterday, and I want to let you know how my band friends are pleased and thankful that I choose you guys. We did a CD some time a go with Oasis. You guys are superior in customer service, price and quality. Thanks again Jeff, you and your staff deserves a big VIVA SNJCD CABRONES!!!!!!!!

Fabian Torres

I AM NOT A BAND! I am an interior designer who teaches real estate staging and redesign on a national scale. I am a novice, to say the least, at producing CD and DVD products for my website. I LOVE SNJCD! It has been a pleasure to work with all departments, especially the patient and creative graphics department... thank you Paul. My business is visual and competitive. My products must look great to add a sense of value. THANK YOU for giving me one less thing to worry about.

Becky Harmon
Transformations Staging School

Thanks for getting back to me so quick, I am an audio engineer that just got fed up with disc makers. I'll be sending more clients your way!

Toby Nickels

I have used many CD manufacturers for Gold and Platinum type artist over the past 20 or so years. I have gotten promises that you can only imagine from the majority of them. I chose to use SNJ for this particular order after looking at your website and speaking with your customer service... after hours. This order had a crucial deadline and had to have incredible quality and graphics.
To make this brief, I received my CD order a day ahead of schedule. The graphics are impectable. The sound quality is as good or better than my studio master. Not a single chip or crack in any CD cases. I am on my way to re-order another 10-20 thousand in a few days. Everybody in this business makes promises... your team is the only ones to deliver for me as they said they would.
Sincerely, I Thank You!

Pat Reese, Founding President
LionCross Records, a Division of the SolarBlade Multimedia Group, Inc.


Nobody's paying me to write this, no discounts are forthcoming.

Imagine you've never before had an audio CD reproduced.

You don't know where to go, so you stop in a music store and ask the young man behind the counter for suggestions. He pulls out a CD his band produced, shows you the product, and raves about the great customer service and reproduction quality. If he's right, you just saved yourself endless hours poring over the ads in the back-page ads of musician magazines, then going on-line to compare the promising-looking candidates. Ugh!

Imagine that your little "garage band" has spent serious money on a real recording engineer; a true mastering pro - a guy that was doing it in the sixties, recording to tape, pressing vinyl. You have a master that's to die for - and you don't want it mucked up.

Imagine your band is booked to play at the California State Fair, and you want CDs in time to sell there, barely ten days out. But all the graphic artists everybody in the band knows are either booked up solid - or turn things around too slowly.

Imagine that you take a stab at the art work yourself. You're no graphic artist, and you know it. You manage a shot at the art for the front and back covers, but run out of time before you can tackle art for the face of the CD.

All those imaginings were the state that our band, Vintage Fare, faced with our first CD, "Forever Young."

The young guy in the music store turned us on to S & J CD Duplication. We went for it. He was right.

Now imagine this: You're ordering just 300 CDs, but you get treated like you ordered 100,000! Everybody at S & J bends over backwards to support your project - to be easy to work with. They answer your neophyte questions with grace and completeness. Emails fly back and forth at lightning speed. No question goes unanswered. No concern gets overlooked. The owner of S & J is going on vacation, so he gives you his personal email address - and tracks it.

Their graphic artist takes your "concepts" and brings them to fruition - front, back, and face of the CD.

To get CDs in time for the fair gigs, you have to compromise on packaging. They walk you through that, cut you one hell of a deal on an interim order.


Imagine: The CDs arrive on time, exactly as promised.

Now imagine: They are perfect!

Too good to be true? Not in Vintage Fare's experience.

I cannot imagine a reproduction company doing a better job - at any price - period. We started - and finished - shopping, in one swell foop.

Jeff, Paul, Tony: A huge thank-you!

Wes Peterson
Harmonic player / soldering iron driver
Vintage Fare

First off on behalf of my self and all the members of my band I'd like to thank you guys for a wonderful experience. I've dealt with replicators in the past and its always a nightmare. We sent you our dream and you made it a reality. Ever since the first email about needing a quote... To the sample pack rushed to us to check the value... There were some issues at times but S&J CD kept cool and got it done.

We are very happy with the finished product. To be honest we all had a tear filled moment opening the UPS package. S&J CD will be a name I pass along to every player in the music industry I meet from here on out. I am a customer for life... We will blow threw this first run and know very soon we will be contacting you guys for another batch.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience,

Nate, Jeremy, Jb, & Brandon
www.kadense.com (album now available...hehe)

Dear S&J,

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did with my latest CD. I literally spent hours researching CD duplication businesses on-line and over the phone. I chose S&J because you offered the package that I needed at the best price. Not only did my CDs arrive a week early, looking and sounding the way I had hoped, but even more importantly to me was your excellent customer service. Every question or concern I had was dealt with promptly, courteously, and professionally. Please send me a stack of your business cards. I can save my colleagues in the music business alot of time when they are ready to replicate their CDs. I'll tell them just go to S&J, you won't be sorry. Thanks again!


Linda Duval
"One Wing Flight"


My CD arrived today via UPS. It looks and sounds great! I can't get over the terrific job David did with all of the graphics. Everything surpasses my expectations! I look forward to re-ordering in the future.

All the Best,

Rob Williams,
The Boring Normals

At S & J CD Duplication Services, I was really impressed with how fast someone would e-mail you back and answer any question you have. That's really important to me to know the answer to something that's bugging me. And also their attitudes, services, and products were all very professional---I'll do business with them again. Thanks Jeff. 

Charles R. Harris C.E.O. LockDown Records, LLC
The cd's came today! A day before the release show, and in great shape. I am exceedingly happy with them, and with my experience with your company.

I wanted to apologize for any aggressiveness on my part about the time frame--my assivity is what pushed everything so close to the deadline in the first place, and I wanted to make sure this part of the project didn't result in any delays. I'm confident now that I would have gotten the product on time anyway, of course. And I'm so relieved not to show up to my release show empty handed! You can probably understand why I was so nervous about any delays or conflicting records about what constituted day zero. You were more than accommodating, and I appreciate it.

In any case, everyone at S&J CD was extremely helpful and patient with questions, and it's been one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. I chose your company because Jeff was so responsive to my initial questions, and it was important to me to be in close communication throughout the process. Even after sealing the deal everyone continued to be helpful and pleasant -- I definitely got far more than I feel the cost for my small 500 cd replication package paid for. Thanks again for a very positive experience and a great set of cd's!

e.p. hall
Just wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere appreciation for your efforts in getting our cd's not only here in time, but flawless.  We had 500 people show up for the cd release and have sold close to 100 more since the show and not a single complaint, so hopefully a re-order will be coming soon. Anyway, I know I was a pain in the a@#* and probably added to your stress of the weather and stuff. Somehow you managed to keep your word and deliver the product that not only made me come to you in the first place with Cool Water Sandwich, but made me return for our Lost Parade product and will return for as long as I'm making music.  Your staff has been very helpful and I just can't say enough how thrilled we are with the final product. Thanks again!!!

Jeff Bradley
Lost Parade
I neglected to thank you and your entire staff for your excellent service. We are very pleased with our 'POSEIDON! An Upside Down Musical' cast recording. Your graphic artist was of particular help to me. Our regular graphic artist was out of town and you guy helped with some discrepancies with the art specs never making me feel like an idiot. He was very patient. We will continue to use your company for future projects and recommend you to people in the Chicago arts community.

David Cerda/Artistic Director
Hell in a Handbag Productions
I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the prompt and painless service that I received from your company.  We are a first time buyer of CDs from your company, and we are very pleased.  We will definitely use you again for future needs. Thanks for everything!

Tom Bayer Vice President, Client Relations
Executive Jet Management, Inc
Just writing to let you know the CDs arrived yesterday. Your company exceeded my every expectation. The film work you did is incredible. The entire package looks very professional. I waited for almost three months for CDs from Oasis once. You had the order turned around in under two weeks! And your price beat everyone else's too. Thank you so much, and rest assured you have my business from now on!

Mark Phillips
Just wanted to let you guys know I received the first 200 of the Lighting CDs . . . They look AWESOME! Ya'll have a top notch company and I appreciate all of your efforts to help me pull this off. I couldn't have done it without your help and patience. Thanks and take care.

Ernie Ouzts
Senior Graphic Designer
MBT International
Like all artists when you send off your CD to be pressed you start thinking of all the things that can go wrong. The tension and worry builds as you recharge the cell phone every day and keep it handy at all times expecting that call saying something is really wrong. Anxiety heightens as you check the order status ten times a day waiting to see where your CDs are. I cannot express to you in words how much relief came over Chris Brown and I when we opened the boxes to see that not only did it get here on time, it was also absolutely what we wanted. Everything from the artwork to the audio details not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. The CD release party is today, and it has been such a relief to not worry about the quality of the product we are putting out there. We will recommend you to everyone we know not only for your terrific pricing, but your quality and excellent customer service. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks so much!

Melinda Rayon
Stuffy Room Records
Hey Jeff! You just reminded me to thank you!!! I wanted to touch base with you and tell you that the CDs that you produced for me were a smash hit... I very much appreciate the quick turnaround and wanted to let you know that they looked great.

Ashley Y. Blackwell
I just wanted to let you know that we received the revised CD's this morning and they are perfect. Thank you for the quick turn-around and hassle-free experience. We will definitely be using your services again in the near future.

Matthew Fox,
Marketing Director
Track Marketing Group
These guys and gals are the definition of true customer support. They go to great lengths to make the customer happy.  I felt as if I could call them anytime with any question and they would respond very quickly with a supportive response.  Although we have never met in person, I feel that the SNJ team are now my friends.  I highly recommend them to anyone at any level of experience in the business. Thank you guys so much! My appreciation is immeasurable.

Chris Cauley
To the staff at S&D-I just wanted to write a huge "thank you" for the professional and prompt work you did on my CD. I was thrilled with the artwork and professional look you brought to the packaging. The price was great and the product is exemplary. Please feel free to use me as a reference any time. Thanks again. I'll be ordering more CD's shortly and I will refer all future business to you. Thanks again.
Miranda Lambert
Thanks so much. Blow it up baby, blow it up. Everyone in our circle of bands loved the CD and were amazed by how great the graphics and the work came out. Thank you. We'll be sure to recommend S&J in the future. Look forward to working with you.

James Wells
guitar and vox for cleverhansmusic.com
Thanks so much for the great work on our project "Patchwork".  The results are fantastic. The printing looks great and the sound is outstanding. You guys have been a pleasure to work with from the get-go.  Being a musician in the Nashville area, I am always running into people doing independent CD projects. I will feel good now, recommending S & J to all I deal with. The $1300 special is the best deal out there (trust me, I looked all over). S & J beat all the "big boys" like DiscMaker and Oasis in price, quality and service. Outstanding! Keep up the good work. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you in the future.  We are already planning our next project...

A very satisfied customer,
CD's LOOK and SOUND great... you guys are unbeatable in service and price. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone. Everyone we dealt with at S&J was courteous, professional, and very easy to work with. Kudos especially to Antonio for his patience in getting our graphics *just right* and for warning me when there would be problems. Our expectations were not only met but EXCEEDED, and we got our stuff a week before the promised date. Happy people here in Fort Lauderdale, S&J and the staff are to be commended highly for their work.

J. Crosby
Liquid Stone
I just wanted to say thank you to you all. My single looks absolutely great and sounds great too. Everybody really likes it and when people see it for the first time, not only are they impressed, but they say it's very eye catching. Thanks again. Look forward to working with you again, and I referred some people who you may be hearing from very soon.

gk7 Productions, Inc.
I just wanted to let you know that I just received the 50 cds out of 1000 that you sent overnight to meet my near-impossible deadline. I am extremely impressed with your service, speed, and product quality. I will definitely use (as well as recommend) you in the future. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I can't tell you how pleased I am!

Randy 'Dook' Larson
Punkbeat Records
I just wanted to let you know that I received the cards and they look and work great. Thank you for the quick turn time and for all of your helpfulness. Not only yourself, but all of your employees whom I spoke with were always kind and helpful. Thanks again!

Peter M. Emminger
I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for your perseverance and speedy response to my call the other day. All of us in the band really appreciate it greatly. We look forward to working with you again, and hopefully in the very near future. Have a good one, and again. thank you.

Jeramie "bob" Ivie
somthin' grooves
Please tell everyone at S&J that I just received my 1000 CDs, "Live From Hong Kong," and it came out just perfect. Both quality and turn around time, even in the middle of this disaster we just had. I myself am from New York, and was a witness to this catastrophe in my own back yard. But receiving this package just a few short days after made me feel vibrant again.I will be sure to continue to use S&J for future projects, and I have already recommended your services to a handful of fellow music producers, remixers, and DJs from all around the United States to have them use S&J for their own CD duplication needs. No one can beat your prices and service.

I'd like to take the time out and thank you for the excellent quality of work that we received from S&J. We are thoroughly impressed, and we'll definitely be working with you guys in the future. Thanks again.

Toby Brazwell
I just wanted to say thank you very much for working on our project. They turned out amazing. We are extremely satisfied with the results. We will definitely be contacting you guys next year to do our next release. Thanks again.

Just wanted to thank you for the great work you guys did on my small-run project. The CDs look great and, more importantly, sound great. The jewel boxes arrived without a scratch, and earlier than I expected.

David Cole Wheeler
I just received my copies of the CD here in Trinidad from Agro Services. I just want to thank your for the excellent job. If they impress our clients the way I hope, we will definitely be using your services again.

I received our CDs that you recently produced. Fantastic job, thanks. I will highly recommend you to others.

Al Todd
Spirit Siingers of St. Margaret's
I received my order yesterday and I would just like to thank you so much. I did not expect the discs that quickly. The quality was perfect and the speedy processing of my order was an unexpected surprise. I will definitely be recommending your company to my associates. Thank you.

Brian Gilbert
The music, art work, duplications - all of it was GREAT. Friends and family seem to like it (that counts for a lot), and sales have been excellent. What can I say? I thank you VERY much for all of your hard work and extra efforts.

Fred Armond
Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment of CDs and I was very pleased with the results. The order was perfect just the way I wanted it. Thank you for your promptness and professionalism.

Joe Phan
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