DVD Replication Service

Bulk DVD Replication Pricing

Quantity Per Unit Price


  • Shipping is included on bulk, paper & vinyl sleeve casing.
  • Up to full color offset printing is included
  • Pricing is for single layer 4.7GB DVDs


  • Turn time is 8 - 10 business days to ship out.
  • All DVD-ROM royalties, audio licensing and/or changes are the responsibility of the customer
  • All DVDs are delivered spindle wrapped unless other packaging arrangements have been made
  • Please provide rendered masters on DVD-R, ISO image or Video TS Folder.
  • Click here for full terms and conditions
500 1.15 
1,000 .725
2,500 .59
5,000 .50

DVD Packaging Supplies

Quantity Paper Sleeve With Clear Window and Flap Standard Jewel Case & Polywrap Vinyl Sleeve
500 $.105 $.50 $.20
1,000 $.075 $.50 $.15
2,500 $.075 $.50 $.15
5,000 $.065 $.50 $.12

Things You May Not Know About DVDs:

  • When comparing CDs and DVDs, DVDs offer up to 25 percent more storage space.
  • You can create unique video and audio.
  • Each DVD will hold up to eight title tracks and 32 subtitle tracks.
  • You can actually store up to 9.4 gigabytes on a DVD by using both sides and putting the data on top of each other.
  • A DVD-R will hold 120 minutes, a DVD-5 holds 133 minutes and finally a DVD-9 can hold an astounding 242 minutes of data.
  • DVDs also allow you to choose your screen formatting. Most TVs have formatting of 16.9 (standard screen) or 4.3 (very large screen). A DVD can accommodate these two sizes to make a pleasurable viewing for all audiences.
  • Our sophisticated error improvement system assures your DVDs have optimum reading.
  • DVD players are compatible and can play existing CDs.
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