DVD Replication Service

Understanding DVD Replication

Many people may not understand what DVD replication is and that is because the process is complex. It is a process used for large volume projects. A glass master is made using the content provided by etching the data into it with lasers. We then use our state-of-the-art replication equipment and press your content into a plastic mold. This produces rings with your DVD coding. The discs are topped with aluminum and a lacquer coat. After we have applied all of the layers and it is complete, we send it through quality control and testing phases. The discs must meet our high quality expectations.

After this process, we send them off to our finishing department where they apply your desired graphics by screen printing or offset printing in brilliant full color. Once your graphics are applied, your discs can be packaged with printed inserts and are ready for shipment.

DVD Replication " Bulk Disc " Pricing

Quantity Per Unit Price


  • Shipping is included on bulk, paper & vinyl sleeve casing.
  • Up to full color offset printing is included
  • Please add $.20 per unit for Dual Layer Discs


  • Turn time is 8 - 10 business days to ship out.
  • All DVD-ROM royalties, audio licensing and/or changes are the responsibility of the customer
  • All DVDs are delivered spindle wrapped unless other packaging arrangements have been made
  • Please provide masters on DVD-R, ISO files or Video TS Folders.  
  • Click here for full terms and conditions


  • 350 DPI minimal on all art work please for best printing resolution
  • Click Here for templates
  • Max of 4.7 GB or 140 minute  on a full sized single layered DVD.
500 1.15 
1,000 .60
2,000 .57
2,500 .56
5,000 .45
7,500 .42
10,000 .41
25,000 .35
50,000 .34
100,000 .32

DVD Packaging Supplies

Quantity Paper Sleeve With Clear Window and Flap Standard Jewel Cases & Poly Wrap Slim Line Jewel Cases (includes shrink wrap) Vinyl Sleeve
500 $.105 $.45 $.30 $.20
1,000 $.075 $.45 $.30 $.15
2,500 $.075 $.45 $.30 $.15
5,000 $.065 $.35 $.30 $.12
7,500 $.065 $.35 $.30 $.12
10,000 $.065 $.30 $.30 $.12
15,000 $.065 $.30 $.30 $.12
25,000 $.065 $.30 Contact Us $.12
50,000 $.065 $.30 Contact Us $.12
100,000 $.055 $.30 Contact Us $.12

Things You May Not Know About DVDs:

  • When comparing CDs and DVDs, DVDs offer up to 25 percent more storage space.
  • You can create unique video and audio.
  • Each DVD will hold up to eight title tracks and 32 subtitle tracks.
  • You can actually store up to 9.4 gigabytes on a DVD by using both sides and putting the data on top of each other.
  • A DVD-R will hold 120 minutes, a DVD-5 holds 133 minutes and finally a DVD-9 can hold an astounding 242 minutes of data.
  • DVDs also allow you to choose your screen formatting. Most LCD and Plasma TVs have formatting of 16.9 (standard screen) or 4.3 (very large screen). A DVD can accommodate these two sizes to make a pleasurable viewing for all audiences.
  • Our sophisticated error improvement system assures your DVDs have optimum reading.
  • DVD players are compatible and can play existing CDs.
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