DVD Replication Service

DVD replication is the physical manufacturing of your DVDs from scratch raw materials. We transfer your DVD master content on to a super smooth glass master by burning "etching" the data into it with a laser. This allows us to produce a metal stamper that it used in the replication process. We then use replication equipment to "press" your DVD content into molten polycarbonate plastic, producing plastic rings with your DVD coding. The discs are then topped with a thin layer of aluminum and a lacquer coating. From there we can send them to the silk screen department in spindles to apply your artwork.

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DVD Replication Information

Here's some information on capacity for different types of replicated DVDs. The mastering of a DVD is comparable to that of a CD. The only difference is that, thanks to finer engraving, it is possible to store 7 to 25 times more data on a DVD than on a CD of the same diameter. By engraving 2 layers of data, one on top of the other, on each side of the DVD, it becomes possible to store up to 9.4 gigabytes of information!

DVD Replication Packages!

DVD Facts:
  • 7 to 25 times more data storage
    than a standard compact disc
  • 120 minutes of video on a DVD-R
  • 133 minutes of video on a DVD-5
  • 266 minutes of video on a DVD-10 (two sided)
  • 242 minutes of video on a DVD-9 (dual layered)
  • Unique audio, video, and data files
  • 8 sound tracks
  • 32 subtitling tracks
  • Choice of screen format (16/9, 4/3)
  • Players compatibility with existing CDs
  • High-resolution video and high-performance audio for multimedia and video.
  • Video: MPEG 2 compression system
  • Sound: Dolby AC-3 digital coding, Option: MPEG Audio coding, Optimal picture quality, Sophisticated error correction system guaranteeing optimal reading.
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