What To Expect From Professional DVD Manufacturing

Whether you just need a small run of DVDs created for an in-office project or you want thousands produced for resale through a detailed DVD replication process, you can count on us to get the job done right. At S&J CD Duplication, we take quality and your satisfaction very seriously.

S&J has been in the business of DVD and CD replication - as well as CD DVD duplication - since 1998. We have built a reputation in the industry for delivering exceptional quality products at amazing speed. Our family owned business caters to customers with very small DVD replication projects just as readily as it tackles industrial-sized jobs. All of our customers are important to us and it shows in our work.

DVD Replication Information

Here's some information on capacity for different types of replicated DVDs. The mastering of a DVD is comparable to that of a CD. The only difference is that, thanks to finer engraving, it is possible to store 7 to 25 times more data on a DVD than on a CD of the same diameter. By engraving 2 layers of data, one on top of the other, on each side of the DVD, it becomes possible to store up to 9.4 gigabytes of information!

DVD Replication Packages!

DVD Facts:
  • 7 to 25 times more data storage
    than a standard compact disc
  • 120 minutes of video on a DVD-R
  • 133 minutes of video on a DVD-5
  • 266 minutes of video on a DVD-10 (two sided)
  • 242 minutes of video on a DVD-9 (dual layered)
  • Unique audio, video, and data files
  • 8 sound tracks
  • 32 subtitling tracks
  • Choice of screen format (16/9, 4/3)
  • Players compatibility with existing CDs
  • High-resolution video and high-performance audio for multimedia and video.
  • Video: MPEG 2 compression system
  • Sound: Dolby AC-3 digital coding, Option: MPEG Audio coding, Optimal picture quality, Sophisticated error correction system guaranteeing optimal reading.

When you need DVD manufacturing performed, you can rely on S&J to use only the most comprehensive and state-of-the art processes to ensure an outcome that includes exceptional audio and visual replication quality.

How do we ensure your DVD replication project retains quality from the very first disc down to the last one in a run?

The answer is simple: We create every disc from scratch.

Our DVD manufacturing process involves the actual physical creation of your individual DVDs from raw materials. We start out by taking your master for the DVD replication job and creating our own glass master. This is accomplished by etching the data from your master to ours with a laser. Once this is complete, we are able to create a special metal stamper that is used throughout the process. The stamper contains the pits and grooves that correspond to the data on the glass master.

After we have a metal stamper ready to go, we go into high gear with DVD replication. Our specialized manufacturing equipment is used to “press” the actual content of your DVD into molten polycarbonate plastic. This produces finished plastic rings that contain all of your DVD coding. The completed DVDs are then finished off with a layer of aluminum and a lacquer coating for data protection. To make sure the discs look the way you want them to, we send them to our art department for silk screening or offset printing.

Should your DVD replication project call for professional results on the inside and out, we can also handle the finishing touches in-house for you. Our finishing services include inserting materials, printing, packaging and more. The end result of a complete DVD manufacturing process are products that are ready for retail sale if your needs require it.

If you’re confused about whether to go with CDs or DVDs for your project, the capacity differences are important to consider. While the actual DVD and CD replication processes are very similar, the finer engraving involved in DVD replication enables a finished disc to store between 7 to 25 times more data that a typical CD. If two layers of data are engraved – one for the top and one for the bottom of the DVD – a total of 9.4 gigabytes can be stored!

When you need CD or DVD replication performed - or if you need CD duplication or DVD duplication - S&J is the place to turn. Since 1998, we have been providing our customers uncompromising quality, highly competitive pricing and unbelievable turnaround times.

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