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When you need more than 500 CDs produced, you can count on S&J CD Duplication to handle your order with precision, expediency and a topnotch level of service. Larger orders call for a different process than smaller ones to ensure quality throughout the run. To get the job done right, we use the CD replication process that enables us to have a great deal of control over the final product.

CD replication involves the physical manufacturing of your compact discs from small polycarbonate beads. Unlike other processes for copying data, CD replication begins when your original master is used to make a super smooth glass master, called single speed glass mastering. A laser etches an exact duplicate of your CDR master, cloning the pits and grooves. This, in turn, allows a set of metal stampers to be made. The pits and grooves from the glass master are turned into microscopic spikes on the metal stamper.

CD Replication " Bulk Disc " Pricing

Quantity Per Unit Price


  • Shipping is included on bulk, paper & vinyl sleeve casing.
  • Up to full color offset printing is included


  • Turn time is delivery within 8-10 business days.
  • All music, CD-ROM royalties, audio licensing and/or changes are the responsibility of the customer
  • All CDs are delivered spindle wrapped unless other packaging arrangements have been made
  • Please provide masters on CD-R or 16 Bit 44.1kHz stereo wave files.
  • Click here for full terms and conditions


  • 300 DPI minimal on all art work please for best printing resolution
  • Click Here for templates
  • Max of 80 minutes or 700 Megabytes on a full sized CD
500 $1.05
1,000 $.65
2,500 $.55
5,000 $.48

CD Packaging Supplies

Quantity Paper Sleeve With Clear Window and Flap Standard Jewel Cases & Poly Wrap Vinyl Sleeve
500 $.12 $.50 $.20
1,000 $.10 $.50 $.15
2,500 $.10 $.50 $.15
5,000 $.075 $.50 $.12

During the stamping process, the polycarbonate beads are melted and forced into high-tech injection molding equipment. The process results in the exact cloning of the master by pressing your specially made stamper into the semi-molten polycarbonate formed ring. Once this step is completed, a coat of reflective aluminum follows, which is sealed with a protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light to protect the data on your CDs.

After your CDs are made, they are silk screen or offset printed. To complete the process, we either spindle or package your order into casing along with inserts for delivery. The final result is a product that looks and sounds exactly like you would purchase in a retail store.

Whether your CD replication order calls for 500 copies or 100,000+, you can count on S&J to deliver on:

Our experience – We have been in the CD replication business since 1998. As a family owned operation, our reputation is everything and we treat each job, big or small, as our top priority.

Our professional equipment – We only use state-of-the art equipment for our CD replication process. The machines we rely on are designed to deliver quality results every step of the way. From the actual creation of your CDs to packaging, we have the right equipment to give you expert results with one of the fastest turnaround times imaginable.

Our commitment to you – At S&J, we stand behind everything we do with a commitment to quality and customer service. We even put our promises to clients in writing.

Our CD replication services for audio discs and CD ROMs are available in quantities of 500 units or more. For the most current and lowest pricing available on larger replication quantities, please call us toll free or drop us an e-mail. Before you call, visit our packaged specials page. It just might have what you’re looking for at a great price.

When you call for CD replication quotes, keep in mind we tailor each special order to your specific needs. This means quotes can vary. Your CD replication quote will usually be available via telephone or e-mail within about 30 minutes, during regular business hours.

For quality CD replication at competitive prices, look no further than S&J.

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