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Everything You Need to Know About CD duplication

CDs are still a valuable selling tool for all musicians. At S&J, we handle your CD duplication project with professionalism and deliver a top notch final product. If you are looking for a company you can rely on, then there is no need to look any further. We understand that no matter the size of the project, big or small, they are all just as important. You've put your heart and soul into what you love. We treat each customer the same and ensure quality at an affordable price for that reason.

We are able to run CD replication packages for quantities from 500 up to any quantity you would like. For our smaller projects, we use only the highest quality media so there will be no complaints about playability. With CD duplication we offer clients the speed of shipping in 24-48 hours. Talk about great customer service! It is no wonder customers prefer to deal with S&J. It is simply impossible to beat our strong customer service, economical pricing and superior products. With over 20 years in the industry, we've made serving our customers into an art form. Try us one time and I'm sure you will agree!

CD Duplication Pricing ( CDR Products )

CD Duplication towers Quantity Burned CDR With Full Color Standard Jewel Case
25 $3.00 $.50
50 $2.50 $.50
100 $1.75 $.50
200 $1.40 $.50
500 $1.05 $.50
1000 $.75 $.50
  • Burned CDRs include full color digitally printed labels
  • Prices are listed per unit and do not include shipping.
  • Shrink wrap or poly wrap is included on cased items at no charge.

Other Packaging Supplies

Quantity Paper Sleeve w/ Window Vinyl Sleeve
 25 $.16 $.25
50 $.16 $.25
100 $.11 $.20
200 $.11 $.20
500 $.11 $.20
1000 $.075 $.15
  • Prices are listed per unit and do not include design .
  • Prices do not included shipping.

Here's some of the duplication equipment we use:

(Click on the Picture for an expanded view)

CD / DVD Burners
CD Burner CD Burner CD Burner Konica C7000 Digital Press
Konica C7000 Digital Press
Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer

We only use top-of–the-line equipment; nothing is too good for our customers. We provide many different types of packaging for you final product. For your CD duplication needs, look no further than S&J.

Why Choose S&J for Your CD Duplication:

All of our CDRs are of the highest quality. We do not use cheap CDRs that have issues with playabiliy. We guarantee you will be happy!

With over 23 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and the service team to ensure your finished product is exactly what you need.

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